Q. How do I make a deposit?

A. Making a deposit at casino is quick, simple and secure. Go to ‘Banking’, and then click on ‘Make a Deposit’. Step -1:You will then be prompted to choose your preferred deposit amount. You can simply type the value of deposit amount in given Box or you can also select the value from given Quick Select option for the deposit amount. Step -2: After selecting your deposit value/amount, it will show you all the eligible promotion available for you in the format of Promotion Coupon. Select the desired coupon codes to get extra bonus/cash on your deposits. Coupon value and benefit mentioned on coupons itself. Step-3: Select a payment method by clicking the card type logo, fill the details and click on submit. Just follow the simply 3 step to complete your deposit to be able to start/continue playing your favorite games.
Make a Deposit


Q. What payment methods do you offer?

A. To give our players as much choice and convenience as possible, we offer a variety of easy and safe payment methods. You can view these in the table below, as well as the advantages of each different method.
Payment Methods

Q. My credit/debit card has been cancelled; how do I add my new card details?

A.To register a new debit or credit card, visit the ‘Make a Deposit’ section from the Banking Menu on the left-hand pane. Here, you can select the ‘Register a New Card’ option to add your new card’s details to our system.

Q. Do you charge fees for accepting a particular payment method?

A. As we value our players highly, we will never pass on any payment processing fees to you, regardless of which payment method you choose. However, we do recommend that you check with your payment provider to confirm whether they will charge you additional fees for making a deposit (this is particularly applicable to transactions made by credit card and international bank transfer.). Summit Casino is not responsible if any charges have been deducted by Card Company or bank for giving service including currency conversion fee.

Q. Why was my deposit declined?

A.If you receive an on-screen message telling you that your deposit has been declined, please double-check the details that you have entered against those given to you by your payment issuer. If the two match, you will need to contact your payment issuer to ask them why the transaction was declined. If you are unable to understand the reason for your deposit failure then feel free to contact our Customer Service team along with the error message you are getting on screen. Our expert Customer Service team will guide you that why the error is being occurred and what to do to get it corrected.

Q. Can I use a payment method belonging to a friend or family member with their permission?

A. No, as the Casino account holder, you can only use a payment method that is registered in your own name. If a player made a deposit using a payment method which is not on your own name, Casino and Management has right to close the account and all the balance will be forfeited. In such cases, any withdrawal request will not be entertained.

Q. Is there a minimum deposit amount?

A. Yes. The minimum deposit amount for all payment methods is £10.

Q. What are verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode?

A. All debit and credit card payments made via our site utilise the additional security offered by the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode service to help maintain both the safety of your account and debit/credit card. If your credit/debit card issuer is enrolled in either of these systems, you will be prompted to complete an additional security step whenever you make a payment so that they can guarantee the transaction is valid. For further information on these services, please visit the following links: