Q. How do I choose which game to play?

A. If you want to play Casino, simply visit the Game Lobby and select the type of game you want to play using the tabs at the top of the screen (see below). You can sort by any of the headings (such as Price, Players, or Jackpot). If you want to play any other type of game, just select the relevant tab to view the games on offer (e.g., Slots, Scratch Cards, or Casino Games).
Hotpot Lobby

Q. How do I purchase Hotpot tickets?

A.Simply login to any Casino room and click the ‘Buy’ ticket using various methods. 1. You select number of tickets from given quick buy tickets option and the selected ticket will be purchased. You can also select the number of tickets by increasing and decreasing the number of tickets by clicking on ‘– or +’ button given under Select Tickets area to purchase the minimum of two cards or the maximum number available for that particular game..
Hotpot Tickets
if you wish to purchase tickets for the next game, you can do so by clicking on Next game button given at the bottom of call board. After clicking, it will give you option to select the number of ticket for the next game either by selecting from quick buy options or manually fill the number of tickets in given column then click on “Buy Selected” button. Ticket will be purchased for the next game once the game will start.
Hotpot Tickets
Once you have purchased your tickets, you will see a confirmation message similar to the example given below.

Q. How to use Mini Lobby?

A. Once you will login to a Hotpot Room then you have a feature to play in 3 Rooms together. One will be primary room and maximum you can open two more rooms using Mini Lobby. You will find Mini Lobby below the tickets area. Initially you can see 3 different rooms’ names and there will be one slider arrow by which you can see more rooms are available. Click on any one room and it will open in Minim Lobby area. You can buy tickets and enjoy games in all 3 Rooms together.


Q. How Rooms will appear in Mini Lobby?

A. Once you will open a room in Mini Lobby then room will appear as shown in image below. In Mini Lobby is as same as other room however only the difference is that you will not be having separate chat room inside the room. In Mini Lobby you can only see the game part.

Q. How to use Mini Slots Lobby

A. Once you will login to a Casino room from Game Lobby then just above the chat window, you will find the Mini Slots Lobby from where you can play your favourite slots even being inside the room. Now you do not need to toggle between so many window to play Casino and slots games together. You can simply select between the given tabs of New, Slots and Casino. Once you will select the desired tab it will show all the relevant games and you can click on the slots game icon to play it.

Q. How to use the quick menu option inside the Casino rooms?

A. To make your gaming experience much faster you can avail most of the functionality from Casino room itself. Below image are the menu bar which you can find inside the Casino room on the top. Their functions are explained below:
1. Username/Alias: on Menu bar first thing will appear which your Casino account username is.
2. Auto Buy: This link will redirect you to prebuy page from where you can buy tickets in advance.
3. Games: This option will give you facility to play your desired slots, casino, and scratch card games.
4. Lobby: it will redirect you to the game lobby page.
5.FAQThis icon will redirect you to the FAQ page where in you can get the answer of frequently asked questions.
6. HELPThis icon will redirect you to Live Help where you can get the solution from our expert support team instantly
7. settingThis is settings icon from where you can change the daub color, daub style etc.
8.setting By using this icon, you can mute/unmute volume of Casino caller.
9. CASH BONUS This section will give you information about your Casino account current cash and bonus balance information.
10.SERVER TIME This clock will show you the current GMT server time. All our promotion runs as per GMT server time so you can check the time here.
11. REFRESH You can use this icon to refresh your Casino room in case if your room gets stuck and froze.
12. DEPOSIT By using this button, you can directly go to deposit page from there you can make a deposit faster.

Q. How to check the Game ID?

A. Just below the Menu bar you will find a game information bar. Below the Hotpot Room name you will find the pattern of game running and there is one ID given with 7-11 digit numbers that is your game id. Please note that each game has unique game id.

Q. What is PreBuy?

A.The PreBuy facility allows you to automatically purchase a set number of cards per game, for a set number of games in a predefined Hotpot Room. For example, in the screenshot below, you could choose to the Stream/Room name, Category, No. of Games and No. of Cards. The PreBuy facility is there to make your life easier, by allowing you to purchase tickets for your session in bulk and saving you time on having to buy tickets for each individual game.

Q. How do I know if I have 1 to go?

A. Your ticket will be marked with 1 to go, as shown below.

Q. How do I know who won a game?

A. A pop-up will appear on your screen showing the prizes (1 line, 2 lines, full house) that have been won, as well as the amount and the winner’s name. If you’re one of these winners, you’ll be able to see your own player alias displayed on the pop-up.

Q. Do I have to dab the tickets myself?

A. No. Unlike in land-based Casino halls, Hotpot Hotpot automatically dabs your tickets for you. This prevents user error, and also allows our system to keep track of your card numbers should you be temporarily disconnected mid-game.

Q. How do I change my preferences within the Casino rooms?

Daub Colour – Alter the colour of your dabber.
Pattern Colour – Alter the pattern colour of your ticket/tickets
Daub Symbol – Choose the style of dabber that best suits you
Music: - Raise or lower the in-game volumes such as sound effects and background music
Caller Volume: Raise or lower the volume of the Hotpot Caller.

Q. What happens if I am disconnected prior to, or during a game of Hotpot?

A. While playing at Hotpot Hotpot, you may sometimes be disconnected from the game. However, this should not give you cause for concern as our Card Manager will take over the dabbing for you. Should you win a prize at any stage, your claims will be made on your behalf, and any winnings will be automatically credited to your account.